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Big Horn Design Build is here to serve Colorado homeowners, project managers, and real estate agents with the quality of work they deserve.

Make Ready (To Sell)

Every homeowner wants to earn a maximum return on their investment. Sometimes, that means investing in property maintenance before listing it for sale. Make ready doesn’t just mean clean. Make ready also includes property rehab, maintenance, and remodeling.

Make Ready (To Lease)

As a busy landlord, you have a lot on your plate. You have a seemingly endless to-do list and no small amount of stress. So if you need the help of a very capable, reliable, experienced make, and ready contractor, contact us today. 

Bathroom Renovation

Choosing the right layout will be crucial. When doing a remodel we have the ability to tear out the entire bathroom and reconfigure the layout to make sure we get the most out of the space. In almost every bathroom, we are able to come up with efficient ideas of either minor or major changes to get the most out of the new bathroom and make it most comfortable and customized for your needs. 


Every room in your home is unique which is why we are equipped to handle flooring installation projects of any kind. We provide professional, accurate measurements of your space to ensure you are only purchasing the flooring materials you need.

Fence and Decks

The exterior of your property are just as important as the interior. A properly constructed fence provides privacy while a deck allows for hours of outdoor entertainment.


When selecting a craftsman for your next fence installation or deck construction project, you can be confident that you are hiring an expert with years of experience who will help create a functional outdoor living space for you to enjoy.


– Fence Installation

– Patio and Deck Construction

– Fence and Deck Repairs

– Fence and Deck Painting and Staining

Kitchen Remodel

Choosing the right layout is crucial when doing a kitchen remodel. We have the ability to tear out the entire kitchen and reconfigure the layout to make sure we get the most out of the space. Maybe you want to go from a closed-concept kitchen to an open-concept kitchen that requires knocking out a few walls. Maybe you want a new kitchen island. In almost every kitchen that we are working on, we are able to come up with great ideas for either minor or major remodels.

Accessible Dwelling Units 

If you are wanting to add more square footage to your existing home or add a new detached structure, we can help! These kinds of remodels are very customized and can be done in multiple different ways and layouts. That’s why it’s important to first understand what the available options are to get a rough estimate of each option.

Garage Conversions

​Whatever the reason may be, we can customize it for your needs. We can create outdoor access for example if you want to rent it as a separate unit or use it as a guest house. We can also add new windows and anything else to make sure it’s suitable for what you need.

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